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Mu Results from the 2016 National Competition
Mu Division: 1st Place

1st Place: Ellen Li
2nd Place: Ben Wu
4th Place: Jonathan Fang
6th Place: Yanghaoyu Chen
14th Place: David Geering
25th Place: Harish Vemuri
31st Place: Kim-Anh Nguyen
33rd Place: Daehee Jeong
34th Place: Marie Shiau
47th Place: Matthew Wong
78th Place: Noah Cook
85th Place: Eugene Kim
111th Place: Otto Piramuthu

Areas and Volumes
1st Place: Ben Wu
13th Place: Harish Vemuri

1st Place: Zhao Li
3rd Place: Yanghaoyu Chen
6th Place: Ellen Li

1st Place: Ellen Li
2nd Place: Ben Wu
3rd Place: Zhao Li
6th Place: Jonathan Fang
9th Plaec: Harish Vemuri
15th Place: Kim-Anh Nguyen
26th Place: Marie Shiau
33rd Place: Yanghaoyu Chen
35th Place: David Geering
55th Place: Eugene Kim
70th Place: Matthew Wong
76th Place: Noah Cook
81st Place: Otto Piramuthu
114th Place: Daehee Jeo

Chalk Talk
3rd Place: Kim-Anh Nguyen
1st Place: Kim-Anh Nguyen
3rd Place: David Geering
4th Place: Matthew Wong
6th Place: Marie Shiau
15th Place: Noah Cook

Limits and Derivatives
3rd Place: Ellen Li
7th Place: David Geering
9th Place: Noah Cook
12th Place: Otto Piramuthu
16th Place: Matthew Wong
17th Place: Daehee Jeong
24th Place: Eugene Kim

4th Place: Ben Wu
7th Place: Yanghaoyu Chen
13th Place: Marie Shiau

5th Place: Zhao Li
6th Place: David Geering
7th Place: Ellen Li

Differential Equations
4th Place: Ellen Li

Sequences and Series
4th Place: Yanghaoyu Chen
8th Place: David Geering
16th Place: Kim-Anh Nguyen
19th Place: Marie Shiau
24th Place: Otto Piramuthu
31st Place: Eugene Kim
38th Place: Daehee Jeong
43rd Place: Matthew Wong

School Bowl: 3rd Place
Buchholz High School Math Team - Gainesville, FL